Sunday, August 1, 2010

Getting stuck....

There are tons of ways I have found over the years to get unstuck. To banish the writer's block and bring on the words. The best one however is critique. And I don't mean the "oh I love it, it was soooooo original. Give me more!" Those are great and I could probably live on a steady diet of those. It wouldn't be good for me but it would certainly make me happy....

So I am currently investing sometime taking some classes at a local Literary Center. I took this class specifically because I was looking for critiques. The kind that sucker punch you right in the gut, that force you to see the flaws in your writing. Because I've read this stuff so long, and have imagined it so deeply I'm not sure what is making it onto the page.

Over all the critique was great. There was just enough, we like this and this and oh I love that to balance out the I think this isn't working and I'm not sure I understand that.

So what's the problem? I'm on a deadline and have spent the weekend perfecting my intro. That's the problem. How many days until Sept 6th??


and my middle is still lost and in no way connecting to the end! How am I going to slog through this? The critique lit my fire to write but on my beginning not my MIDDLE! Problem.

Hmmmm.... I must find another person to help me with the middle. Or I could simply stop procrastinating and you know write. But that wouldn't make any sense.

Stop that. Stop looking at me like that. Okay fine. Off to write, ta-ta!

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