Monday, August 23, 2010

Is that a schedule I see....

Whoa, yes I know schedule and sticking to it? Who would have thunk?

Currently moving and packing for two trips. The main part of the move is going well but I am down to the all of the little pieces that don't seem to go anywhere (because they are too small to have their own box) but I can't live without them. Like my box of super strong mint tea--> aka what keeps the candle burning at both ends. Duct Tape, because it's like the Force...enough said. Chap stick, when all else fails apply a layer it will make you feel better...or at least make your lips feel moisturized.

Anyway this all comes back to writing, when you are getting near the end. Of course you're wrapping up the big stuff, also known as plot but what about the little stuff? That stuff can be some of the most important things to a novel, especially a series. Mostly I believe the small things set the ground work for where you're going.

Fleshing out all of the small things and putting them into your plot or at least partially I think can take your book from okay to super fabulous.

I'm not totally there yet but as I keep getting closer to writing that highest point of action I can't help but get caught up on the small things. Where are characters going, what's running through their minds about other things like school, or friends, you know the stuff that really shouldn't be occupying their time when they are fighting for their lives. But what am I supposed to tell them?
Shut up? Tried that, it didn't work.

They seem important to me and I feel like my character can't live without them, but they don't fit in a box. So I guess that's what they mean by re-write, write it all down and then go back and see where there's space.

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