Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 1 Part 2

Alright so I had no idea what to write about and now I think I have something that's better than hey look at this an introduction....


Normally I don't put much stock in it. I know then why am I dedicating a whole day/post to it? Because I feel the need to share my opinions with cyberspace.

What makes a good book? That's a question for reviewers for me I have one scale that for me is fool proof.

(I should warn you I am an end reader. Judge if you want to, go on.)

At the bottom there are books that I read halfway through and put down.

Middle are books that I read half way through then skip to the end and read. If I'm satisfied the book ends up on the I can live without reading the last 200 pages pile

Middle Top: I read to the half way and then flip to the end go "HOLY COW" and go back and finish the book.

Top I don't skip to the end because I am too engrossed in what is going on on that page at that specific time.

That is the scale for those of you who may or may not read on....

Day 1

I'm not sure what to say, but I want to throw my hand in at this thing called blogging. I'm probably behind on the times and lord knows I've always been a day late and a dollar short. Then again, it's never too late to try something new.

Enough with the cliche
s, there are already enough of those lurking around.

So upon rereading this post I decided that it was time to tell you a little about myself because you know that's how this thing works. I'm a twenty-one year old, who goes to college in the land of the cold and the north, no not Alaska, try Minnesota. I hail from the state of Kansas, and please hold the Dorothy jokes.

While trying to answer the great question of what I want to be when I grow up, (though I don't believe I will ever officially be grown up) I cam up with three options: pediatric oncologist, writer, television producer. Two out of three of those have stuck.

I wanted to be a doctor I really did. But my love affair with chemistry ended about the time we started in on gases. Don't get me wrong I loved the sections we spent of organic (which is sort of a sacrilegious in the world of chemistry I find) and I absolutely adored anatomy and physiology, but that darn intro chem class. There's a reason they call them weed out classes.

So now with two choices left I find myself pursuing both my dream of writing and my dream of making television. Who knows someday I might just be producing my own book. Which would be kind of awesome.

While I have taken tons of film classes and feel that my knowledge and prowess are more digital than written I simply can't let go of writing stories. And don't let anyone tell you stories for books and stories for films/TV are the same. Completely different, but that is my humble opinion.

So I decided to take some classes and write. And make some film. And watch some movies. And read some books. My story is a mash up of things that I love: science, folklore, tattoos, questions about who we are?

It's been swirling around my head for about a year and my friend has me on a deadline: September 6th. I'm afraid of what will happen if I don't give her a full manuscript by then. Luckily I'm about halfway through.

The problem. I'm an edit as you go kind of girl so I have been working on the intro so much that the middle just isn't getting closer to the end. Middles, blargh. If there is one piece of writing I hate it's middles.

Here's hoping I can get through it!

Now, because I demand a little structure, and a few's my plan for Scribbles and Notes.

This is day one. So what does that mean for you? A boring post about me and what I want to do. So here's the set up:

Monday: all about me and my struggles as I attempt to write my never ending story...(it will end someday, I promise) I must say that at some point we all must be the tiniest bit selfish. And Mondays while they are meant for strong coffee and cursing at alarm clocks are also going to be about me.

Wednesday: I have this crazy notion that at some point we--I--writers have to let go and simply break away from their--our work and come up with something new. So every Wednesday will be drabble Wednesdays. For fifteen minutes I will put on music and set fingers to the key board and probably post whatever I come up with. Or summarize my lame attempts...

Fridays (Probably will be dropped to the last Friday in the month once school starts) will be about reviews. Books or movies who knows, it'll depend on what goes on in my life. Because as a writer we should maybe look at the world around us and that includes writing. I should warn you I read least once. I watch everything, even the crap and then I go back for seconds. So Fridays could get a little hectic.

That's the goes this thing again.