Friday, August 20, 2010

Pieces of Me....

So while furiously writing to meet a deadline that is fast approaching I had some very strange realizations. This might take a little bit of explication so bear with me until this post gets to its hook.

One of three main characters is a boy, entitled, he pretty much thinks the world would not spin if he did not give his opinion, and I am pretty sure he's never heard the word feminism. As I list out these descriptions, I really can't believe I came up with this character, I mean damn. I don't know how to relate to him. Frankly, I sort of hate him. Like complete and total LOATHING. Writing his voice some days are like pulling finger nails slowly.

Enter epiphanous moment.

Currently, I'm writing in big chunks, just sitting in a character's mind and running wild. Then it hits me, how I understand and write Cade. His journey/road through the story is to come to terms with and hopefully--though some days I am doubtful--not want to kill his former best friend. Possibly, and I am not holding my breath, actually become acquaintances with his former friend.

I have had this exact feeling. Last year, I had a huge falling out with a friend, and since I've been trying very hard to move on. Because a) I feel like I still need her in my life and b) I'm not ready to give up on our friendship. While chunking out Cade's parts it hit me like a load of bricks (such a bad cliche but my writing brilliance is sort of on a burn out), we share the SAME story.

I believe I should put a little of myself in every character. This can create problems I mean hello, I am one person who is creating three. They can't all the same, but at the same time I need to relate to them. So little bits of Gretchen go into each one, so that we have some common ground on which I can talk to them about. Tessa has my zest for life and Jax has a similar lens at looking at the world as I do, but Cade I was at a loss of what we shared.

Thus my books are littered with little pieces of me.... :D

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