Friday, August 13, 2010

Write on....

So I am sure if you are a writer you've heard of all the conferences you can attend. Well this weekend I attended my first one, no it wasn't at some fancy hotel and no I didn't even have to step outside of my bedroom door. That's right, I went to writeoncon.

After a girl from my writing class gave me the website I really couldn't help myself but jump into this crazy thing. Now, the cool thing about this conference is that you can still sort of attend. All of the talks are online and you can still go to the website and view them. I'm not sure about the forums but the nuts and bolts of the thing is still there out in cyberspace.

What did I learn from my first conference?

1)How about the difference between Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal. To me these all seem like they should be the same thing. I mean it's all fantasy....really it is. Now we have so many sub-genres it's impossible to keep them all straight.

2)I posted some work and got some feed back.

3) I found that there are so many people out there who are like me. They live, they write, and they hope to see their books on the shelves.

There's so much more, and I think you should check it out:
Go, explore, create!

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