Thursday, May 31, 2012

What to Expect When You're Writing.

The last two weeks I went on vacation and saw the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting." If you want to see this movie and have it unspoiled please stop reading now and tune in next time.  If you've already seen it or are just brave and don't care about spoilers, read on.

Everyone always seems to compare book writing to baby making.  I don't know anything about baby-making--except what I read in books or watch in movies. In this case I think I feel like I'm more like Elizabeth Bank's character and this book might kill me.

In other words, this is that odd stage where it's just like...I'm gonna punch someone in the face, but then again not. And I want this gosh darn book to be OVER. Then again, I still love it cause it's cute and cuddly. See it's the post writing that doesn't live up to this baby making metaphor--or it's just my lack of baby-making.

So while being in this odd place, I decided to make a list of all the things I liked about this book (because I've spend so much time focusing on the bad stuff--AKA editing hell)

All I want is my book to be healthy....

(also these are in no particular order, except for numero uno, because that one's just awesome)

One. I'm going to take a moment and celebrate (you can celebrate too) because Draft 3.0 is done.  It required some hacking, some re-writing, some character smoothing, some fight scene adding--good times.

Two.  I still absolutely LOVE my main character, she's a crazy girl, but I heart her.  I also put her through a lot of pain so kuddos to Foxtrot for surviving my imagination.

Three. Woot for secrets--because now every character has one. Scary dark deep secrets that come out to bite them.  Oops, just remember secrets don't make friends, they make very very very good friends.

Four. Totes brand spanking new ending.  Complete with cute brother/sister moment.

Five. Let's just say for five minutes that crazy-psycho-killers are extremely fun to write.

Six.  I found out way more about ballet. Who knew, dystopians and ballet went together... Also I now have this insane desire to buy tickets to New York just to see a performance by the NYC Ballet or travel to San Fran and see their ballet company.

Now I am going to stop, because once I started I found I could keep going.  When editing do you ever feel down about your work?  Have you ever made a list of things you like about it?  Wanna share something off that list?


  1. Version 3.0...impressive! So when are you sending it to me? I think it's awesome you're picking out the positives. Sometimes books kick our ass and then we have to show them who's boss.

  2. This weekend! Expect an email. Would you like the whole book or just part of it?