Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Good Morning Blogosphere, long time no see.  (and that's totally my fault)  Anyway there is this super cool idea going around and maybe you've heard of it? It's called Blog me MAYbe started by the wonderful Sara McClung.  Basically it's to help us all remember why the heck we love blogging in the first place.  Every day has a topic and today it's all about me, but it can totally be about you too.  If you sign up.

Actually Tuesdays' Topics are MAY I tell you something about me?

I bake cupcakes.  Not professionally, but it's sort of a hobby.  I think if the whole film thing doesn't pan out, and the book fails, then I'll open a small bakery called Bookcakes. That is a long about way to say,  I bake cupcakes with literary themes.  Or at least based on literary works.   How did this happen? Well it all started when my BFF posted a recipe for snicker-doodle cupcakes.

There's no literary idea there, but it was the start of my cupcake frenzy.  I'd already been addicted to shows like Cupcake Wars.  Plus, when I get stuck creatively, I find my way by baking.  Like how some authors take showers or long walks.  I bake.  Which is great because then I have tasty snacks while I write.

I mention my BFF and her Facebook cooking recs because she also got me started on the baking with books track.  Now a book from my childhood and a cupcake from my adulthood: the Butter Beer Cupcake.

Doesn't it look yummy? They are a class favorite.  I've made them a few times and every time they fly out of the pan as if they're attached to Nimbus 2000.  

Now familiar with books and baking, I became the magnet for all recipes book related.  In honor of a very special movie, that I very much looked forward to, I baked Girl On Fire Cupcakes.  Which should be called Will Set Your Mouth On Fire Cupcakes. 

(Also a cameo of other books on my shelf)
You need a glass of milk with these cupcakes.  2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper will set your tongue on fire. 
So there you have it.  What will I do next, no idea.  But I am willing to take suggestions.


  1. Welcome to our blogfest! *waves* Nice to meet you :)

    I WANT A BUTTERBEER CUPCAKE! *drools* I love butterbeer. (the frozen version was my fave) I love cupcakes. I'm pretty darn confident I'd LOVE butterbeer cupcakes.

    I think I'd pass on the spicy cupcake, but I love the idea of it.
    And I love that you bake literary themed cupcakes. I'd visit that bakery!


  2. I discovered your blog through the blogfest. I LOVE cupcake wars, and reading about your cupcakes made me hungry.

    Must . . . eat . . . cupcakes!

    I'm sure one of your many aspirations is bound to work out for you. Good luck with baking, and writing, and everything else you do!