Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Questions, questions, who's got answers?

So it's time for day two in the Blog me MAYbe world and that means it's time for you lovely followers to come on down!

When thinking about the subject for today, mainly asking all you lovelies out in the blogosphere a question, I was at a loss.  Do I ask about writing?  Reading?  Real life problems?  (ok not real life problems)

Still it's a question.  Then I hung out with some of my film friends and they know me as the TV person (and also the girl who reads way too much YA--although I don't think that's possible).  They asked me "What shows should I be watching."

So because we're all writers I assume we're all readers as well.  I'm always looking for a new read.

Today's question will be reading related.  The question, should you choose to answer is:

When someone asks you what should I be reading, what book do you tell them? 


  1. I usually answer that question with my own question, "What do you normally read?" and then formulate a response from there.

    1. I normally read YA but I also do grown-up (because adult sounds awkward) fantasy/sci-fi. Then again I love to dabble in the world of nonfiction. I like to stretch myself, but I generally keep to my fantasy/sci-fi realm. Does that answer the question?

  2. For me, it depends on who is asking. One of my favorite things to do is to recommend the right book for the right person. Some of my recent recommendations to different folks were:

    The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova to someone who really likes literary prose with a bit of mystery and heart.

    When She Woke by Hillary Jordan to someone who is politically progressive, but has never read that kind of dystopian story before.

    The Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix to someone who has been in the hospital and sick a lot, and needs something that is good (or in this case amazing) but has a pretty straight forward plot.

    Of Bees and Mists by Erik Setiawan to someone who likes magical realism.

    The Black Banners by Ali H. Soufan to someone who likes non-fiction books about government, politics and FBI/CIA agents/stories.

    The funny thing is, I read all of these books and enjoyed them all a lot. So I'm not sure what book someone would recommend to me because my tastes include practically every kind of book.

    1. I LOVE Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian. It was my favorite summer read by far, (I read it twice)/ I will definitely have to check out The Swan Thieves.

      And I agree it does depend on what the reader is looking for or what they might enjoy. Not everyone reads in the same genre as my favorite genre. But it's cool that you're so well versed.

    2. The Swan Thieves is definitely slower than The Historian. :) Just a word of caution there. But it really explores the blurry line between mental illness and art. I thought it was a great book. But a lot of The Historian fans were disappointed.

      I go through stages. There are periods where I read a lot of one type of genre and then get tired of it. :D

  3. Like Bailey, I ask them what they usually read. If I know already, then I´m non-stop. I love giving book recommendations to my parents, my sisters and my brother-in-law :D