Monday, September 5, 2011

Flash-itize me, Captain

So it's the first challenge of the campaign writers and readers!  Rachael has challenged us all to you know write a short tight little piece of fiction.  The challenge as most of you know (because I read your blogs) is a 200 word short that must begin with the words "The door swung open."   I have problems sometimes keeping things small and well, not complicated.  But I think I have managed this.  Hopefully you like my flash fiction.

The Trouble With Glass Slippers

The door swung open releasing me into the night.  A sharp edge on my slipper catches on the fine carpet of the stairs.  The jolt sends me into the marble bannister, searing my blood soaked dress to my skin.

My step-mother constantly informs me I am too impatient, she wants me to learn control.   Washing floors and cleaning house are not my idea of control.  If anything it bred within me the need to prove my skills.  She has no faith in me, preferring her offspring over me.

This assignment wasn’t supposed to be so messy.   The mess has been trained out of me, all I know is slick and silent ways to kill.  I know how to sneak up on targets and divest them of life before they are any the wiser.

Boots pound on the terrace above me.  I don’t suppose I could hope for a clean escape after that escapade.  Who knew a body could hold so much blood or fight back when it had lost so much of it?
I yank at my foot but the chipped glass is caught fast.  I slip off the offending slipper and sprint for freedom.

Wells readers that's can tell me what you think or just read for enjoyment. (And if you'd like to vote/like it I'm number 126) I'm looking forward to popping around to all of the other blogs.


  1. The juxtaposition is fierce. I wanted to see this as a film right from the start.

  2. What an awesome entry! I love the description you used. Absolutely beautiful, well done.

    Nice to meet you, by the way. I'm a little late in introducing myself, but I'm in your dystopian group. :)

  3. Love twisted fairy tales! Good stuff.

  4. Cinderella's gone bad? I like this. It's so fascinating all of the different stories we've all come up with.I'm #72

  5. This is badass. I'm an idiot, by the way. I kept sitting here and thinking 'WHY does this sound so familiar to me?'

    Well - durh. Anyway, awesome entry!

  6. I love it when old fairy tales and fables are adapted to a more modern urban and/or dark fantasy setting for my generation to savior and so.
    I feel that Mr. Maguire might have some competition flanking him soon.
    What do you think Gretch?

  7. Hahahahaha! I LOVE the darkness of this! Awesome!

  8. Wow, what an awesome twist on Cinderella!

  9. Delitefully twisted; Go Cindarella [hope she gets away]