Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Three truths and a lie.

Well here we are again, and what have I for you today? Hmmm interesting scandals rocketing the YA lit world--no, awesome news on how well my WIP is whipping along--wrong again, how my paper linking communism, able bodies, and Glee is going to write itself--I wish.

No today I am going to start lying. Or at least make myself a liar. I always thought I'd be one of those people who didn't "review" books. I think I've even said it out loud a few times well now I can no longer say that.

That sentence: "Today I am going to start lying" is a version of one of my all time favorite first lines. It comes from the book entitled Split by Swati Avasthi--and if you think you knew anything about abuse and it's cycles this book will re-write those ideas PDQ.

So the first line is actually this: Now, I have to start lying.

I remember picking this book up because I was doing an author interview, and I took a class from the author and she's pretty darn cool herself, so I thought heck why not. I am now a convert to the church of father son and holy contemporary fiction. It's true that before this book I could count on one hand the number of times I willing picked up a book that dealt with the "real world." I'm more of a fairie, vampire, fallen angel type of girl. So I was expecting to read about twenty pages and commit the book to the ominous file 13.

Not since the Hunger Games had I been pulled into a book so fast. I gave up a nap to read this book. That says something when a college student willingly forgoes sleep. WILLINGLY. Because I was too worried about the characters, who I knew did not exist but they seemed to. They live, and, breathe, and yes, even bleed all in the span of what I thought was a heartbeat.

So do yourself a favor, go to the book store, get Split, a box of chocolate, and probably something caffeinated. Snuggle up with something super comfy and enjoy a fabulous conversation with a sixteen year old boy named Jace.

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