Monday, March 7, 2011

Another stab at it.

So...hello everyone out there in blog space, it's been a while huh? Would you like to see what ate up my grand plans that I had last September? I can't claim that it's perfect, but between this baby of a project, grad school applications, and my friends need to see my face every once and a while, writing and blogging went down hill.

First before I show you last falls baby project, let me reaffirm myself and say I love to write. In fact I consider myself a writer at heart, and someday hope to consider myself an author. However there is this large part of me that hates the solitude of being a writer. Some people love it, the curling up with a steaming cup of something highly caffeinated and churning out stories about people. I love it, but it gets lonely, and that's when I turn to film.

Yes that's right, readers, I make film too.

So watch out Hollywood, this writer understands your fickle beast. :)

Without further ado I present last falls brain child aka Witchling.....
Warning, there is blood and some people die in this video.....yup. It's too big to post directly to blogger so you have to go to youtube. I promise this is not some sort of scam.

So that was the in the spring, and what I call "still winter" as there is at least a foot of snow still on the ground I've gone back to writing, because I just can't get away from it.

For the last two years I've struggled with this story, with characters and with plot. And characters who refuse to make plot--those are the worst. And to them I say: die. No seriously. With the help of a writer friend, I've killed characters to the point where they no longer show up on the page, as in they are REALLY REALLY dead. Okay so they still complain in the back of my mind, BUT I tell them to be quiet and give them chocolate.

And out of one death came three amazing characters, interesting plot twists and a sense of how awesome being on the perceived "bad" side can be. In the last weekend I've written almost ten thousand words. And there are several thousand waiting to be written. Sometimes death is a good thing, I mean a really good thing.


  1. 10,000 words?!?! That is awesome. I love moments like that. I'm glad to know I helped you murder. :)

  2. Yes, Dana you are officially an accessory to character murder. It really is a proud moment. :D