Monday, March 14, 2011

Mountain Climbing

Sometimes writing feels like a mountain climb, it's me up against this crazy world of writing/querying/publishing with only my imagination as a rope. But how to start a climb that is so far up that I can't see the top?

Just a little bribery--yes that's right, I bribe myself. To get started, to keep going, to rest.

Writing is easy, but I have to get into it first. I sit at my computer or stare at my notebook and know full well that I should sketch out some paragraphs or rework that section before I submit it to my crit partner. I know full wall that once I start the process I'll enjoy it but there's that starting-is-too-hard-so-I'll-watch-some-more-TV feeling that takes over. So I bribe myself. Music, coffee, the promise of an hour to myself. Whatever it takes I'll do it.

Now, please don't mistake this as I don't like to write, I do, I love the creative process. But getting started, staring at that mountain and then at my small hands and the single rope makes climbing that mountain scary. Yet, I know the climb will be good and enjoyable, taking that first step is difficult.

Music is my primary choice, new songs, film scores anything that will gather the creative sides of my brain together. This works for those moments where I am in a rut and really just need to get my butt in gear. My last purchase included Tron Legacy and Inception soundtracks, both of which I enjoy so when I plug into them, I can write.

As far as deadlines, coffee and a coffee shop are my prime bribery options. Getting out of the house, to a public space. One, I can't get up and dance. I admit that my novel playlists have me dancing and choreographing fight sequences. In public spaces breaking out in my crazy antics is sort of a no-no and rather frowned upon. Then there's the group atmosphere, that says you're out with a computer--DO SOMETHING. This does not mean check facebook or watch my twitter news feed, this means something productive. Also there is the added benefit of coffee mixed with a healthy amount of chocolate--AKA my biggest weakness. With the double "c"s running through my veins how can I not be productive.

Finally, finishing something. Congrats, Gretchen you finally through that chapter, that edit, or you wrote that paper. Break time. Put your feet up and fall into a good book or perhaps watch that new movie you've been dying to see. In other words you've reached a plateau and while the mountain is still looming over your head that climb is for another day.

How do you motivate yourself to keep going?

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  1. That is why we are like such good crit partners for each other. I feel the same way. To write, I have to get in the mood which means a lot of staring at a blank computer screen and if I'm lucky, hours later I might have 500 words on the page. I know this post is old but I was just checking in with you. :)