Monday, January 2, 2012

A day late, and a dollar up!

Hello, 2012!

This is probably like many others this is where  I reflect on the year and make up some ideas for the year to come.

I label 2011 as the year of change.  It was the year, I graduated undergrad.  It was the year, I moved half-way across the county.  It was the year I got my first real critique partner.  A lot of things changed in 2011, and while I liked it--although I was not prepared for all of it.  My goals for 2011 looked something like this:

1. Have faith in what you do.
2. Try something new as often as possible
3. Finish your novel.

They were some lofty goals.  A tad silly, or at the very least they were worded funny.  Also hard to tell when you've actually achieve your goal.

2012 I am going to label as the year of writing.   Why you ask?  Well because all of my goals have to do with writing or reading as the case may be.  Unlike last years goals, which were awesome these resolutions will hold me accountable.

1. Polish Novel.  This is also known as editing.
2. Send out at least one batch of query letters.
3. Write two pilots.
4.Read at least one book a month AND blog about it.

There is it internets, my 2012 resolutions.

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