Sunday, November 13, 2011

Word Binge

Yup the title says it all.  That's how I write.  In big long word dumps.  Some people do it every day, I do it once a week...on a good week.  But I usually get between 5 and  10k done on a weekend.  It's nuts.  It's emotionally draining.  It's probably not healthy in some respects.

This weekend, I think I hit a milestone.  Something I've seen coming in this novel and probably rewritten about ....9 times.  I call it the crossing, cause we're going from one location to another.  Both locals are awesome but getting from one to the other--chaotic!  Lot's of death and pills and craziness.   But I decided to give you all a taste, cause this needs to be shared with the world.  So from my word binge to your computer screen:

            Buildings poke from the ground, small stubs jabbing at the grey sky over heard.  An accusation or statement that says we’re still here and we’re still building.  The fence encircling the city is unlike any one I have ever seen.  Chain link, razor wire sandwich thick metal poles, creating a net of safety net the likes of which I’ve never seen.
            The car has stopped in front of these, but behind us rise yet another impossible sandwich of metal and barbed-wire.  Several people in suits sit at a desk with a person in a white coat.  Ms. Norberry, removes a briefcase from the trunk of the car.  Digging around inside she hands a stack of bills to the driver. 

There you have it folks! The City (yeah I'm working on the title).  What a new playground to discover corruption and conspiracy in!  Plus Foxtrot might, and I mean MIGHT, wear a dress at some point.  And there is some more kissing and some more hunting, and some more info about the infection.  It makes me slightly excited.  

But only slightly.

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